Bladder Presses

Bladder presses are hydraulic presses that are powered by regular water pressure. For bladder presses, it is not necessary to use electricity or physical power. Bladder presses are suitable for pressing juice from shredded apples, grapes, rhubarb, red currants and many other fruits, vegetables and berries.  

2-3 bar (in other units 2-3 kg/cm2 or 2-3 atm) pressure that is required for pressing is usually available in each plumping unit. The maximum pressure inside the press is 3 bar and when it is exceeded, the excess pressure is released through the valve. Thanks to its high pressure capacity, bladder presses can achieve exceptionally high juice yields. 

To use the press, connect the pump hose to the water and open the water tap. The water coming in the press extends the membrane of natural rubber, which is inside the press, and pushes the pre-shredded fruit against the net basket pushing juice out of it. The pressure and pressing speed can be adjusted by turning the water tap more or less open.

Speidel juice presses are manufactured in Germany.

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