Electric Fruit Shredders

Electric shredders for home use are working from regular household 230V plugs and don't need special industrial power supply. Electric shredders are highly productive and are ensuring the optimal consistency of the pulp for high juice yield. Electric shredders are suitable for the owners of medium or bigger sized apple gardens who want to process bigger amount of apples at once.  

Previously cleaned fruit are inserted to the shredders through the hopper on top of the machine. Shredders have stainless steel design that is durable and also easy to clean after use. All the spades are covered so it is safe to use them around household. 

Technical specifications of electric shredders:


Fruit Shark B1600

Speidel S2200


Up to 500 kg/h

1000 kg/h


1,6 kW

2,2 kW

Power Supply

220V / 16A

220V / 16A


2800 rpm

2800 rpm


73,5 cm

125 cm


27 kg

25 kg

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