Electric fruit shredder Fruit Shark
electric fruit shredder Fruit Shark

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Fruit Shark B1600 is compact and highly productive fruit shredder. Shredder has high speed rotating disk with a blade that is crushing  the fruit. Shredded pulp is collected into the vessel underneath the machine. The optimum consistency of the pulp ensures the best outcome of the juice when pressed. 

  • Productivity: up to 500 kg per hour
  • Nominal power: 1,1 kW
  • Speed: 2800 / min
  • Height: 68 cm
  • Width: 37 cm
  • Length: 54 cm
  • Weight: 28 kg
  • Works from 230V power supply / 16A

Electric fruit shredder Fruit Shark

Fruit Shark shredder is intended for regular users, cottagers, cottiers, gardeners, and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts. It is a great helper for processing apples, pears, currants and other fruits intended for subsequent pressing. The average hourly performance of the machine is 50-100 kg (according to the operator’s speed). 

The shredder is made of fine stainless steel materials securing its hygienic operation, nice appearance, high durability and also a long machine service life. The crusher motor output is 1.1 kW (230 V).
The crusher is designed for processing fruits, in particular apples and other pressed fruits. Fruit is crushed (processed) in a very quick and simple way. The crushed material coarseness is ideal for further processing by pressing with the maximum juice yield. Fruit Shark shredder can also process stone fruit (including stones). 

The shredder processes fruit very quickly. In one afternoon, 1 person is capable of processing at least 1,000 kg of fruit. To make work more efficient and increase the whole volume of processed fruit we recommend working in a team and buying another transport vessel for the shredder. The possibility of continually changing vessels will double the efficiency of your work. In a team of 2 persons and 2 vessels you will easily manage to process at least 2,000 kg in half a day. We recommend a traditional fruit press for further processing. 

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