180-litre hydraulic press Speidel

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Convenient hydraulic juice press with high juice yield is suitable for pressing fruit and berries. 

Capacity 180 l
Maximum water pressure 3 bar
Height 131,5 cm
Height of the frame 35 cm
Weight 72 kg
Extras  Filter bag and splash guard

Simply grind fruit, grapes or berries and fill up the hydraulic press, turn the tap on and watch as the pressure of the incoming tap water compresses the ground material from the inside to the outside against the mesh basket. The hydraulic press can also be used for pressing rhubarb, honeycomb, tomatoes, macerated tobacco or citrus fruit.

The rapid pressing and the short flow distance preserve the vitamins; the juice has a wonderfully fresh aroma. Due to the high pressure applied, you achieve an exceptionally high juice yield, even if the press basket is only partially filled.

An energy-saving, ingeniously simple drive mechanism: connect up a garden hose to the normal domestic water supply and turn the tap on. The tap water expands the rubber diaphragm inside the press and presses the ground fruit against the mesh basket. The pressure and pressing time can be regulated by turning on the tap more or less.

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