Hydraulic juice press Vares 50L / 5T
hydraulic press Vares 50l with filter

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Juice press with strong and massive construction has 50-litre basket and 5T hydraulic jack. All parts of the press that come in contact with the juice are made of stainless steel.

  • Capacity of the basket: 50 litres
  • Pressing force of the jack: 5000 kg
  • Weight: 53 kg
  • Height of the basket: 37 cm
  • Diameter of the basket:  42 cm
  • Chock made of oak  
  • One filter bag included
  • Made in  Czech Republic

Hydraulic juice press Vares 50L / 5T

The press with 50-litre basket is more powerful and is suitable for pressing larger quantities of juice.  A simple design for maximum volume and performance, but also at a low price. The press has a massive construction and a 5T hydraulic jack with a lifting capacity of 5000 kg. For more powerful pressing, an oak wood chock is placed between the top plate of the basket and the jack. All parts that come in contact with the juice are made of stainless steel. The basket volume of 50 l corresponds to the contents of three vessels of the Fruit Shark shredder.

In order to maintain maximum cleanliness of the fruit juice and accelerate and facilitate handling when loading and unloading the press contents, we recommend using a filter bag inside of the press. It is unnecessary to filter the fruit juice afterwards.

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