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mahlaaurutaja Westfalia 15l

Steam Juice Extractor / Multi-purpose Pot Westfalia 15l

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A 15-litre stainless steel multi-purpose pot that is suitable for extracting juice, pasteurization, preserving of fruits and vegetables, and cooking for a larger group.


Included in the set:
  • Stainless steel pot: capacity 7,5 litres, diameter 28 cm;
  • Stainless steel cover with closure clamps and ring seal;
  • Stainless steel juice pipe with hose clip;
  • Fruit basket: capacity 7,5 litres, diameter 24 cm;
  • Juice bowl: capacity 2,5 litres, diameter 26 cm;
  • Wire stand and pot base.
Steam juice extractor is suitable for making juice out of fruit and berries.  Multi-purpose pot is also ideal when you have company or larger family, for events and parties, for making jams and marmalade. For all occasions when normal-sized pots and pans are just too small. The pot has many everyday uses all year round.

With juice extractor, it is possible to fill the juice directly into the bottles thru the juice hose that can be inserted directly into the bottles or jars. You can control the juice flow by the clamp around the hose.

The multi-pot is also a practical preserving pot for vegetables, fruit and berries, and it fits up to 8 x 1 litre jars. A super-thick multiple-layer base saves energy while preserving. The home-made juice and preserved fruit and vegetables are healthy - they are free of preservatives, but retain all the vitamins.

You can also use the 15-litre pot for cooking for a larger family or group on a daily basis. For example use it as a large soup pot or use it as a pressure-cooker for steaming vegetables.

Pot can be used with the following heating devices: gas, ceramic, electric and halogen stoves. 

mahlaaurutaja Westfalia 15l

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