Juice press Fratelli Baesso F20 and manual shredder B100

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Juice making set that includes Fratelli Baesso f20 basket press and manual shredder Fratelli Baesso  B100.

Basket press Fratelli Baesso F20

  • capacity of the basket: 11 litres
  • height of the basket: 35 cm
  • diameter of the basket: 20 cm
  • weight: 24 kg
  • one filter bag included
  • made in Italy
The press has a tilting frame that provides convenient access to the basket for filling it with crushed fruit. To tilt the frame it is necessary to unscrew its fastenings. After that put a filter bag inside of the press basket and fill it with crushed fruit. The filter bag will hold the crushed fruit inside of the basket and filters the juice from the pulp. The groove below the basket of the press is made of stainless steel and it collects all the juice that flows out from the crushed fruit. It is necessary to place a collecting vessel or a bucket underneath the groove, where the juice is collected in the end of the pressing process.  

The basket of the press is made of beech wood and has a capacity of 11 litres of crushed fruit. The basket can be disassembled into two parts and is easily demountable and cleanable. We recommend that you disassemble the press after the use and rinse it with water from the hose.  

Manual shredder Fratelli Baesso B100

  • cutting blades and funnel made of stainless steel
  • rollers made of strong nylon
  • capacity of the filling funnel : 15 l
  • weight: 15 kg
  • dimensions of the funnel: 36 x 42 cm
  • made in Italy
Manual fruit shredder works without any electric power. Fratelli Baesso B100 shredder is suitable for crushing fruit and berries before pressing. The shredder is equipped with two rollers that have grate-shaped stainless steel blades.

Manual fruit shredder is driven by rotating a large flywheel on the side of the shredder. The massive flywheel gives an inertia which eases the power that is needed to operate the shredder. For smooth and convenient operation, the apple shredder should be placed on a stable support, for example, between two chairs or tables. Also open-top tank or bucket should be placed under the shredder for collecting crushed apples.

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