Round plastic fermentation tanks Speidel, 12-120 l
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Round plastic fermentation tanks Speidel, 12-120 l

Capacity of the tank

12 l

20 l

30 l

60 l

120 l


26 cm

31 cm

34 cm

40 cm

50 cm


35 cm

42 cm

47 cm

61 cm

80 cm


1,1 kg

1,1 kg

3 kg

3 kg

5 kg

Speidel's high-quality tanks are made of polyethylene that is PE plastic which is intended for food storage. Plastic tanks are suitable for both, fermentation and storage drinks to keep them fresh over longer period.

Smooth internal surfaces of the tanks allow easy cleaning without chemicals. Tanks have wide top opening for easy access for filling or cleaning them. Tanks airtight seals are preserving the quality of the contents and thick walls to preserve the flavour and restrict oxidation.

As an accessory, a air-lock and a plastic valve with a tap are available for the container.

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