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Carbonator Carbofresh Deluxe

The three-stage carbonator Carbofresh Deluxe is suitable for producing beverages that contain CO2 with a content of up to 11 g/l. The device is suitable for producing sparkling wines, carbonated water, soft drinks and carbonated apple juice or apple wine. Maximum flow performance up to 20 000 l /h.


Max. flow performance

700-20 000 l/h

CO2 dosage

0-11 g/l

Max. CO2 pressure

10 bar

Pressure loss min-max

 3-3,5 bar

Min. pump pressure

5 bar


900x300x100 mm

With Carbofresh Deluxe, CO2 values in the beverage of up to 11 g/l can be achieved quickly and reliably in a single flow cycle (depending on the pressure and temperature). This was, not only average CO2 levels, such as those found in sparkling wine, cider and apple wine, but also high doses of CO2 , such as those found in mineral water and mixed drinks, can easily be achieved. 

With the three-stage Carbofresh injector technology, the added CO2 is dissipated as fine bubbles, permitting it to dissolve neatly and reliably into the beverage. Carbofresh does not require electricity since it is started automatically by the flow of the beverage. The desired COdosage can be easily adjusted and set by means of the diagram on the device. 

Advantages of Carbofresh Deluxe technology:
  • Low investment costs compared with carbonation systems
  • Consistently high dosing precision
  • Flow rate-proportional control
  • Reliable in-line cleaning
  • Easy to use with automatic turn-on and shut-off
  • Can also be used directly when filling or sampling
  • No electrical connections
  • Device and mixer are specially designed for customer needs
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Carbonator Carbofresh Deluxe