How much juice do you get from apples?

The juice yield depends on the apple variety and ripeness, i.e. how juicy the fruit is. An important factor is how fine the crushed mass is, whether it is large or small pieces.

If you use our crushers, you will get the optimal consistency of the crushed fruit mass. The crushed mass should not be too fine or too coarse. In that case, the juice yield from the mass will be worse. Usually, the final volume of the juice is about 50-70% of the crushed fruit pulp.

When pressing ripe, juicy apples, you can get about 0.5-0.7 liters of juice per kilo of fruit, i.e. 10 kilos of apples will give you about 5-7 liters of apple juice.

This means that 1 liter of juice corresponds to about 1.4-1.8 kilos of apples.

Tips for increasing juice yield:

  • Use ripe and juicy apples.
  • Crush the apples to an optimal consistency.
  • Use an effective pressing method.

Further advice:

  • Apple variety: Some varieties give more juice than others. 
  • Ripeness: Ripe apples are juicier and give more juice.
  • Finness of the crushed mass: A too fine crush will give a worse yield.
  • Pressing method: Different presses give different yields. A hydraulic press generally gives more juice than a hand-operated press.


If you have 10 kg of ripe and juicy apples and crush them to an optimal consistency, you can get 5-7 liters of apple juice.


  • It is always an estimate how much juice you will get.
  • The most important thing is to use good apples and an effective pressing method.