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Plastic Barrels

Speidel's plastic barrels are suitable for storing and transporting larger amount of liquids. Barrels are made of high quality food safe and UV resistant PE material which is natural-coloured and has no pigments. 

The outlet in the bottom allows for the barrels to be entirely emptied without tilting. Working with barrels is facilitated through easy transport and easy cleaning of the smooth inner surfaces.

Plastic Transportation Barrel Speidel

Plastic transportation tank for liquids. Available in two sizes- 400 and 600 litres.

Plastic Storage and Fermentation Barrel Speidel

Speidel's barrel from high quality PE plastic for storage and fermentation. Available in 3 sizes- 500, 1000 and 1500 litres.

Plastic Storage Barrel Speidel

Speidel's weather-proof storage tank for indoor and outdoor use. Available models made of PE or PP plastic with capacity of  6 000 or 10 000 litres.

Plastic Storage Barrel for Fruit Mash Speidel

Speidel's plastic storage tank for shredded fruit mash. Tank is equipped with airtight sealable lid which helps to keep the mash fresh for longer. Available in two sizes- 600 or 1000 litres.