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Ava menüü

Washing, conveying and milling

Voran's machines can significantly reduce the time spent on different processes and increase the efficiency of production. The cleaning and sorting table is a combination device for cleaning and manual sorting of fruit and vegetables that helps to prepare fruit for milling process more efficiently. 

Washing-elevating-milling systems help to save time on transporting fruits and vegetables from washer to the mill and allow higher throughput. These Voran machines are washing fruits and vegetables and also shred them in the same device right after washing process. After milling process the fruit pulp is ready to be pressed.  

Cleaning and sorting table Voran BRM

The cleaning and sorting table BRM is a combination device for cleaning and manual sorting of  fruit and vegetables.

Washing-elevator system Voran SA200 with RM2.2 mill

The washing system consists of sorting grid, washing vessel, chain conveyor and add-on pivoting centrifugal mill RM2.2. Suitable to use for processing fruit, berries and vegetables.

Washing-milling system Voran WALC 40

Washing system consisting of washing vessel, vertical auger-type elevator and add-on centrifugal Voran mill RM40. Versions available for the Voran hydraulic packing presses with rotating trays (100PS/180PS) and the Voran EBP500/580/650 belt presses.