Why Choose Voran® Fruit-Processing Equipment?

We have partnered with Voran for nearly fifteen years as a reseller and can assure you that Voran is a must-making equipment manufacturer you can absolutely trust!
Voran offers a complete set of machines for every step of must production: feeding, washing, crushing, pressing, pumping and collecting, pasteurization, bottling, and more.

Voran - The Century of Experience and Continuous Advancement

Voran was founded in 1925 in Austria, where their machines are still manufactured today. Voran is an established manufacturer that values quality, innovation, and sustainability above all, whose expertise has grown through everyday engineering work.

Voran's commitment to precision and innovation has made them a leader in the production of fruit processing and must-making machines for almost a century.

The most significant factor is their own engineering work and continuous development over many decades, making Voran a world-class premium developer and manufacturer of must-making equipment.

There are numerous satisfied customers  around the world, which confirms that Voran is a safe choice.

Thanks to Voran's in-depth knowledge and proven experience in the field, Voran produces advanced, premium-class fruit-processing equipment.

Voran - The World's Leading Manufacturer of Fruit-Processing Equipment

Voran is a trendsetter for the entire industry and is naturally the biggest role model that others look up to. However, the fact is that Voran is always many steps ahead of the rest.

Some newcomers, who have emerged relatively recently, are following the beaten path and trying to imitate or simply copy Voran's machines. Their investment in their own development and engineering is insignificant, therefore, the products from these newcomers are obviously cheaper even though they look quite similar. But the devil is in the details.

When comparing Voran machines with those from other suppliers, the difference can be seen with the naked eye. Thanks to innovative technology, systematic quality control, and highly skilled workers, the best characteristics are guaranteed in the general manufacturing of machines and especially in the high quality of metalworking. This is most noticeable in the welds, which are extremely important for hygienic must production.

High-quality metalworking also eliminates minor work injuries, such as cuts or scratches, which sometimes occur when using machines from other suppliers.

When manufacturing their machines, Voran only uses high-quality components, such as relays, switches and other parts that guarantee trouble-free operation and control during intensive use.

Voran continuously reviews all processes and management systems to meet applicable and demanding international standards.

Please note that all products are certified with:

  • Quality certificate - ISO 9001
  • Quality certificate - ISO 45001
  • Welding certificate - EN 1090

Excellent Customer Service and Technical Support

A distinguishing feature of Voran is its responsible and considerate approach to customers and trading partners. For those who use Voran machines, this means practical benefits.

All machines are easy to maintain, and technical problems with them rarely occur. However, if a problem is reported, the customer receives help as quickly as possible.

During the peak season in August-September, the 24-hour customer service handles urgent matters around the clock.

It is important that all spare parts and consumables are always available, even for old models that are no longer manufactured. When choosing equipment for their mustery, one should ask themselves, can Voran's competitors, who appear and disappear again, guarantee such continuity in operations?

Voran Machines Are a Good Investment

The truth is that the price level of Voran machines is not the lowest compared to other manufacturers, but it is conditioned by highly qualified technical services and features as well as an absolute uncompromising quality!

It is important to realize that buying Voran machines is not just an expense, but a very good investment in quality, maintainability, and efficiency.

Even on the second-hand market, used Voran machines are quite sought-after and the price for them is higher than for used machines from other manufacturers. This means that the residual value of Voran machines remains high for many years and their economic lifespan is longer than that of machines from other manufacturers.

In addition, if you want to upgrade your mustery and want to trade in old Voran machines for new and more productive ones, this is entirely possible with Voran. The old equipment will be valued and repurchased by Voran, and then new machines can be purchased with a deduction of the price of the old machines.