Hydraulic Presses Lancman

Lancman's presses are suitable for range of producers, from the small scale home-based producer to the larger scale semi-professional producer. Lancman's range of hydropresses offers varying sizes and designs to meet the individual demands of the producer - cost effective, efficient and easy to use. The VSPX and VSPIX series range offers an innovative tilting basket design for increased ease of use, saving the producer valuable time when emptying pressed pomace. Hydraulic bladder presses use the water pressure of 2-3 bar (or 2-3 kg/cm2 or 2-3 atm) that can be typically found every household.

Using Lancman's presses is easy. Milled fruit is emptied into a straining sack that is placed between a central rubber bladder and the outer stainless steel wall of the press. The bladder is then inflated by means of mains water pressure (operating pressure is 3 bar) and the juice is squeezed out of the press and runs freely down the outside of the press wall into a collection tray at the bottom. The juice can then be pumped into a storage tank. Typical pressing time is about 30 minutes.

Never use compressed air to fill the bladder. You may hear people saying that they've done it before because it's faster and easier than using water, but it's extremely dangerous.