Hydraulic Presses

Vares press with hydraulic jack combines the convenience of the basket press and the efficiency of the hydraulic press. Presses are with strong and robust body and all parts that come in contact with juice are made of stainless steel. The presses are available with a 18-litre or 50-litre baskets. 

A smaller but very handy and robust press has a 18-litre basket and 2T hydraulic jack with lifting capacity of 2000 kg placed below the basket. Its advantage lies in its excellent handling when pressing, it is unnecessary to remove the jack. Pressing takes place in three steps. To adjust steps while pressing use the upper stainless steel pushing bar that has three openings. Start pressing process by setting the press in the lowest opening. After pressing adjust the press to the higher opening and repeat the process. Finish the pressing process while the press is set in the highest opening- this sets the pressing capacity of the jack to the maximum. 

The press with 50-litre basket is more powerful and is suitable for pressing larger quantities of juice. The press has a massive construction and a 5T hydraulic jack with a lifting capacity of 5000 kg. For more powerful pressing, an oak wood chock is placed between the top plate of the basket and the jack. All parts that come in contact with the juice are made of stainless steel.  

Comparison of technical data of Vares hydraulic presses :


18L / 2T

50L / 5T

Capacity of the basket

18 l

50 l

Lifting power of the jack

2000 kg

5000 kg

Basket height

37 cm

37 cm

Basket diameter

25 cm

42 cm


33 kg

53 kg


Filter included

Filter and oak wood chock included

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