What is the best packaging for storing apple juice?

The most practical, safe and hygienic packaging for long-term storage of pasteurized apple juice is Bag-in-Box (BiB) and Pouch-Up® stand-up bags!

It has been popular to store juice in glass bottles and jars. This involves a lot of hassle with washing, heating and sealing them. Bottles and jars take up a lot of space, are heavy and can easily break. Once the bottle or jar is opened, the juice should be consumed within a few days so that it does not ferment. Once the juice has been drunk, the bottles and jars should be washed and stored again until next fall.

Bag-in-Box and Pouch-up are an excellent alternative to glass bottles and jars!

The Bag-in-Box system consists of an extra strong outer carton and a special inner bag.

The carton is a protection for an inner bag inside it.

The inner bag consists of two layers of specially developed liquid- and airtight films, which can withstand hot temperatures up to 100°C.

Pouch-Up® is a self-supporting bag made of oxygen-, liquid- and light-tight films, which ensure that the contents remain uncontaminated by outside air or light.

Both Bag-in-Box and Pouch-Up bags are equipped with high-quality Vitop® taps with a non-return valve, which guarantees the long-term shelf life of the juice, before and after opening.

The bag is pressed in with a vacuum when the juice is tapped through the tap. Thanks to a special non-return valve, oxygen cannot enter the bag and reach the juice through the tap, thus guaranteeing a long shelf life of the apple juice.

When used correctly, pasteurized juice in Bag-in-Box or Pouch-up bags will keep for at least one year, often longer. After opening, the juice in the bag will stay fresh for about a month or longer, which is considerably longer than in a jar.

Bag-in-Box is an environmentally friendly, sustainable and food-safe packaging solution for apple juice! BIB cartons can be recycled.

Bag-in Box cartons are sorted as paper packaging; Bag-in-Box and Pouch-Up bags are sorted as plastic packaging.

How to fill juice into Bag in Box?

Bag in Box and Pouch-Up bags should only be filled with hot pasteurized juice, at 78-82 degrees.

Once the juice has reached the correct temperature, it can be kept at that temperature for about ten minutes. Then the juice can be tapped into bag-in-box bags, before it has time to cool down.

First, the tap on the bag must be removed, and after filling, the tap is put back and pressed down.

For easier filling of juice into bags, you can use a special Bag-in-Box holder.

We also supply semi-automatic and automatic professional filling machines that offer a fully integrated solution for Bag in Box and Pouch-Up®.