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Bottle Cappers

In our product range we offer both semi-automatic and fully automatic bottle cappers. Cappers are suitable for different bottle sizes and cap types, see the suitable sizes and cap types on the product pages. 

Semi-automatic capper TV900

Semi-automatic capper for sealing screw or twist-off caps, suitable for different bottle sizes and cap types, for example:

  • MCA caps
  • PP28 caps
  • Twist-Off caps
  • BVS Ø30x60 caps
  • Stelvin caps

Fully automatic capper TV2000

Fully automatic capper with single-head capping unit is capable to cap up to 2500 bottles per hour and is suitable for various cap types :

  • MCA caps
  • PP28 caps
  • Stelvin caps
  • BVS Ø30x60 caps
  • Twist-Off caps
  • Natural corks
  • Crown caps

Semi-automatic capping machine Tenco

Descending head capping machine from Tenco for aluminium, plastic screw or twist-off caps. Productivity up to 500-600 bottles per hour, single or three phase model. 

  • ROPP
  • PFP
  • Stelvin caps
  • BVS caps
  • MCA caps (three phase model)
  • Twist-off caps

Air-operated corker and capper Starcap Tenco

Air-operated bench top corker and capper Starcap is compact and easy to use, suitable for corking and capping: 

  • CORK (Agglomerated cork stoppers and synthetic caps Ø up to 25 mm)
  • Crown caps (Ø 26 and 29 mm)
  • Plastic snap-on caps

Semi-automatic capping machine with lever Tenco

Semi-automatic capping machine with lever for PFP caps (aluminium screw caps) with or without pourer from Tenco, made in Italy.

  • Only for PFP (aluminium screw caps)

Semi-automatic capping machine for PFP caps Tenco

Stainless steel capping machine with descending head for PFP caps (aluminium screw caps) with or without pourer from Tenco, made in Italy.

  • Only for PFP (aluminium screw caps)

Disgorging machine Alpha

Manual machine Alpha is designed for disgorging, liquor dispensing and topping up traditional class champagne bottles. Suitable for class bottles with capacity of 37,5 cl; 75 cl and 150 cl. Output up to 150 bottles per hour.

Heat shrinkers for PVC capsules Tenco

A lightweight and efficient tools from Tenco to heat shrink the PVC capsules on the bottles:

  • Capsule sealer with drier
  • Stainless steel capsule sealer
  • Capsule sealer machine
  • Table top capsule sealer machine