How to use a fruit press

Juicing is a fantastic way to experiment with different fruit and berry combinations to create your own unique drink. To make this possible, we offer efficient and easy-to-use fruit presses.

Juicing with our carefully selected fruit presses is a simple process, regardless of the type of press you choose - a hand-operated screw press, a hydraulic press with a jack, or a water-powered press with a rubber bladder inside.

There are a few simple steps to extract juice from apples efficiently.

First, you need to make sure you have a well-crushed apple mass. This can be achieved with a fruit crusher, which finely crushes the apples in the right way. Then the press basket of the fruit press should be filled with the crushed fruit mass. It is important to smooth out the mass in the basket to ensure even pressing.

Depending on the type of fruit press used, pressure is created in the basket either with a hand crank on the screw press or a jack on the hydraulic fruit press or a water pressure on the water-powered hydraulic press to squeeze out the juice.

It is also important to use a filter, which is always included with the press.

A filter is needed to prevent pulp from entering the juice. In addition, the filter helps prevent the crushed mass from getting stuck in the openings of the basket.

A suitable container is placed under the outlet of the fruit press to collect the freshly pressed apple juice. Make sure the container is large enough for the amount of juice you expect.

Freshly pressed juice can either be drunk directly, pasteurized for long-term storage, or turned into aromatic cider.