Which fruit crusher should you choose?

You can choose between hand-operated and electric fruit crushers, based on the number of fruit to be picked, desired productivity and economy. In our online store there are different models to choose from, each model has its advantages.

We offer both hand-operated fruit mills (you can also say mechanical or manual fruit crushers) and electric fruit crushers with different capacities, covering the needs of different levels of must production, for both hobby and professional use.

The mechanical crushers are good for both fruit and berries. We recommend crushing the apples 1-2 hours before pressing, then the juice is better separated from the crushed pulp and you get more must at the next step, pressing.

Do not underestimate the hand-operated crushers. No extra physical strength is needed to handle them. The powerful knives pick up fruit and berries and crush them easily.

Thanks to the large crank wheel, a large torque is created, which means that physical strength is not required to crush the fruit quickly and efficiently.

With the mechanical crusher, two people can process (one turns the crank, the other puts in the apples) up to 300 kg of apples within an hour. If you work at a leisurely pace and take time for breaks, you can count on 100 - 200 kilos of crushed fruit per hour.

Our electric crushers are highly productive and, depending on the model, process 500 - 1000 kilos of fruit per hour. The crushed pulp is sufficiently fine, which increases the volume of the must, thus promoting the must yield.

All electric apple crushers intended for home use 230V voltage.

Both hand-operated and electric crushers have wide funnels so that you can pour in the apples directly from a bucket.

The choice between a hand-operated and an electric fruit crusher depends on three factors:

  • Quantity of fruit: How many apples or berries you plan to crush per hour.
  • Desired productivity: How quickly you want to crush the fruit.
  • Budget: How much you're willing to spend on a fruit crusher.

We offer two options:

Hand-operated fruit mills (mechanical or manual):
  • Suitable for both fruits and berries.
  • We recommend crushing apples 1-2 hours before pressing for better juice separation.
  • Doesn't require excessive physical strength.
  • Capacity: 100-300 kg of apples per hour.
Electric fruit crushers:
  • High-production.
  • Process 500-1000 kg of fruit per hour.
  • Produce a perfectly crushed mass for juicing.
  • All electric apple crushers for home use 230V voltage.

Both hand-operated and electric crushers have wide funnels for pouring apples directly from a bucket.

Here are some additional details about each type of crusher:

Hand-operated fruit mills:

  • These crushers are a good option for small-scale home juice production.
  • They are relatively inexpensive and easy to use.
  • However, they can be time-consuming to operate, especially if you are crushing a large quantity of fruit.

Electric fruit crushers:

  • These crushers are a good option for mid and large-scale juice production.
  • They are more expensive than hand-operated crushers, but they are much faster and easier to use.
  • Electric crushers are also more efficient, as they produce a finer crush that results in more juice.

Ultimately, the best type of fruit crusher for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences.