When the juice is pressed, the work is not finished yet. Fresh apple juice stays fresh in the fridge for 3-4 days on average. To preserve the juice over the winter, it needs to be pasteurised or heated. Heating the juice will destroy yeasts that cause food fermentation. It is important to mention that it is enough if the juice is heated to 78-80 °C degrees, it is not necessary to boil it. Pasteurised apple juice will stay fresh for at least 12 months.

Usually, all the pots and bowls found in the kitchen are used in order to pasteurise larger amount of apple juice over the stove. Then the hot juice is bottled in class jars or bottles. The work can be significantly simplified using a stainless steel tank that is suitable for pasteurisation and also for a long-term storage. The juice is heated using an electric pasteuriser. In the same container, the juice can be pasteurised and stored for several months after pasteurisation. 

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The tanks have an airtight floating lid with an oil seal. Thanks to this lid, the pasteurised juice does not ferment and retains its flavour. Already the ancient Romans used oil to store wine, pouring it on the wine for creating airtight layer over it. The oil forms a layer over the beverage that does not allow the air to come in touch with the juice and protects it from fermentation. Using a floating lid with an oil seal keeps the apple juice in the tank fresh for several months. Oil always stays on the surface of the juice as it is lighter than the juice and thanks to this does not mix with juice.

The tank does not have to be filled with the juice fully to the edge. The oil-sealed cap swims directly on the surface of the juice and slides down when the juice level changes in the tank (e.g. when the juice is consumed from the tank). In addition to the oil-sealed lid, second lid with an air vent is placed on top of the tank, which protects the contents of the tank from dust. 

The stainless steel tank may also be used just for heating the juice and then pouring the juice either into bottles, jars or Bag-in-Box bags. There is a tap in the bottom of the tank through which juice cab be consumed. Tanks are available in two sizes- 65 litres and 110 litres and upon request it is possible to order 170 litre size.

In the video below we show filling of the Bag-in-Box juice storage bag with hot apple juice directly from the pasteurisation tank. We also use bag holder made out of stainless steel sheet.

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