65-litre Speidel juice container
65-litre stainless steel juice container Speidel

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  • Capacity: 65l
  • Diameter: 35 cm
  • Height: 76,5 cm
  • Weight: 8 kg

Included in the set with the container:

stainless steel tank, 3/4" valve, floating lid with the handle, outer cover with the handle and ventilation, 1-litre bottle of  vaseline oil

65-litre Speidel juice container

Speidel 65-litre tank is suitable for pasteurisation and storage of juice. The juice is heated inside of the tank an using electric pasteuriser, for example, it is suitable to use Speidel 3200 W pasteuriser (not included with the tank). In the same container, the juice can be pasteurised and also stored for several months after pasteurisation.

Tanks have an airtight oil-sealed floating lid thanks to which the pasteurised juice inside does not ferment and retains its flavour. Vaseline oil is poured onto the juice or wine so it forms a layer on the beverage that does not let the air to come to contact with it and protects the beverage from fermentation. Using the floating lid helps to keep the apple juice fresh for several months. The oil will always stay on the surface of the beverage as it is lighter than the juice or the wine and does not mix with it.

The container does not have to be filled fully to the edge. The oil-sealed lid floats directly on the surface of the juice and drops accordingly with juice level. In addition to the oil-sealed lid, a second cover lid with opening for ventilation is placed on top of the container which protects the contents of the tank from dust.

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