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Air-operated corker and capper Starcap Tenco

Air-operated bench top corker and capper Starcap is compact and easy to use, suitable for corking and capping: 

  • CORK (Agglomerated cork stoppers and synthetic caps Ø up to 25 mm)
  • Crown caps (Ø 26 and 29 mm)
  • Plastic snap-on caps



Up to 400 bottles/h


Compressed air


375 x 325 x 745 mm


25 kg

Bottle and cap features

Natural or silicone corks:

Max. Ø25 mm , Max. height 45 mm

Bottle height 200-370 mm

Snap on caps:

Closing head Ø37 mm

Bottle height 130-465 mm 


Ø26 and 29 mm (optional 30,5 mm)

Bottle height 130-465 mm 

Corks are manually inserted into the cone. When the safety door is closed and the start button switched on, the cork is placed into the bottle by compression, ensuring cork integrity. Machine special head design ensures perfect corking without damage to the cork surface. The machine is equipped with a condensate collection and disposal unit, air pressure regulator to adjust the pressure depending on the type of cork or cap employed. The high quality of air-operated components need no lubrication.  

The capper can be provided in the fully equipped version (corks, crowns and snap-ons) or just for 26 and 29 mm crown caps, without door, with safety screen and two buttons.

Air-operated corker and capper Starcap Tenco