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Capping machine PG2010 VE for Stelvin caps

Semi-automatic capping machine with descending screw head is suitable for aluminium screw (Stelvin) caps. It is ideal for capping wine, liquor and oil bottles. Productivity up to 500 bottles per hour.



500 bottles/h

Power supply

220/400 V, 50/60 Hz


60 cm


60 cm


170 cm


150 kg

Suitable bottles

330 ml- 1500 ml

Suitable corks

Aluminium screw caps (Stelvin)

Semi-automatic capping machine PG2010 VE for aluminum screw (Stelvin) caps is made of stainless steel and is mounted on rotating wheels. The capping machine is suitable for capping bottles with capacity of 0.33 to 1.5 liters. The machine is ideal for capping wine bottles with screw caps. It can also be used to cap other alcoholic drinks (e.g. liquors) and oil bottles.

The capping machine is equipped with 4 interchangeable rollers. Machine also has a mechanical system to control the descending screw head.

To cap the bottles, place an aluminium screw (Stelvin) cap manually on the bottleneck and place the bottle into the machine stand. By simultaneously pressing the buttons on both sides of the machine, the capping head is descending over the bottle neck and attaches the cap on the bottle.

Download product sheet:

 Capping machine PG2010 VE for Stelvin caps