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Disgorging machine Alpha

Manual machine Alpha is designed for disgorging, liquor dispensing and topping up traditional class champagne bottles. Suitable for class bottles with capacity of 37,5 cl; 75 cl and 150 cl. Output up to 150 bottles per hour.



150 bottles/h

Inert gas pressure

1 bar

Bottle diameter

70 - 150 mm

Bottle height

205 -372 mm


700 mm


1050 mm


1750 mm



In disgorging station it is possible to open bottles with pre-freezed bottle necks which helps you to remove all the residue that is collected in the bottle necks. 

There is a lever system to place the bottle in a tilted position in the dosing station. Liquor dosing system is equipped with degassing valve to guarantee perfect dosing level in each bottle.  Dosing measure is designed to add between 0 and 6 cl of liquor adjusting the volume of liquor with an adjustable stop. There is very short distance between the liquor measure and the bottle in order to guarantee a perfect dosage of liquor. The liquor measure is opened by manually turning the lever. The machine also has pressurized tank at 0,5 bar with a capacity of 2 liters. The liquor dosing system, is characterized by its gas release valve that prevents the dispensing pistons from rising when the wine is nervous, hence guaranteeing the exact quantity of liquor in each bottle. When the lever is placed back in its initial position, the liquor measure gets filled.

The topping up takes place in the same position as the liquor dispensing. The operator opens the valve dedicated to the refilling wine until it reaches the desired level in the bottle. There is a support for placing a bottle in vertical position which is going to feed the processed bottle using inert gas pressure. The support is adjustable so it is possible to use  any format of bottle to top up the processed bottle.

The machine can be built from left to right or from right to left according to your requirements.
Disgorging machine Alpha