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Manual wire-hooder PG2010 AM for champagne corks

Manual wire-hooder PG2010 AM is designed for fixing wire cages on champagne corks. Productivity up to 200 bottles per hour.



200 bottles/h


35 cm


20 cm


65 cm


10 kg

Bottle size

375 ml, 750 ml, 1500 ml

The stainless steel manual wire hooder PG2010 AM is equipped with a pneumatic lever that lifts the bottle and a hand crank for fastening the muselet on the bottleneck. The manual wire hooder is designed for attaching champagne wire cages (muselets) on mushroom corks. Device is suitable for 375 ml, 750 ml and 1.5 l glass champagne and sparkling wine bottles. PG2010 AM model has four stable legs and is designed for placing on a countertop or bench where it's on a suitable height for the operator.

To fasten the wire, place the wire cage on capped bottle so that the loop at the bottom of the wire remains in the direction of the hand crank. Then place the bottle on the bottle stand and pull the lever. The bottle is lifted up and it is then possible to fix the muselet around the bottleneck by twisting the crank.

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Manual wire-hooder PG2010 AM for champagne corks