Wire hooder PG 2010-93 S for champagne corks

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Semi-automatic wire-hooder PG2010-93S from Officine Pesce is designed for fixing wire cages (muselets) on champagne corks. Productivity up to 400 bottles per hour.


450 bottles/h


50 cm


50 cm


160 cm


90 kg

Power supply

Compressed air

Bottle size

750 ml to 1500 ml

Wire hooder PG 2010-93 S for champagne corks

Semi-automatic wire hooder PG2010-93S is equipped with button controlled pneumatic bottle lift and automatic wire hooding device. Semi-automatic wire hooder is made of stainless steel and it is designed for attaching champagne wire cages (muselets) on mushroom corks. PG2010-93S device is suitable for 750 ml to 1.5 l glass champagne and sparkling wine bottles.

To fasten the wire place the muselet on a capped bottle. Then place the bottle on the bottle stand and push simultaneously two buttons on the front of the machine. The bottle is then lifted up and the muselet is fixed around the bottleneck.

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