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Bottle brushing machine Voran PS400

Semi-automatic bottle brushing machine for washing 0.25-1 l bottles. The bottles are cleaned thoroughly on the inside and outside and rinsed with fresh water.

Price starting from 3760 € (without VAT)



max. 400 bottles/h

Electrical connection

0,5 kW / 400V

Water temperature

max. 30° C

Required water pressure

min. 2 bar (max. 3,5 bar)

Connection for cleaning

AG- 1/2'' (Gardena)

Connection for waste water

PVC- inside Fi 45 mm, outside Fi 50 mm


780 mm


550 mm


1210 mm


80 kg

Semi-automatic bottle washing machine cleans bottles from inside and outside. It is suitable for bottles of different sizes and diameters. The machine has an innovative and ergonomic design and is easy to operate. The bottle brushing machine ensures clean working environment due to central waste-water drain and optimal work process due to synchronously operating brushes. Machine has ergonomically designed stainless steel housing and asymmetrical internal brush that enables insertion into narrow bottlenecks despite strong brushes

The machine consists of two washing units which are mounted and removed manually and can be alternately operated. While the washing process is carried out on one side, the bottle is placed on the other unit. The polyamide brushes are operated by an electro-motor using belts.

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Bottle brushing machine Voran PS400