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Manual Bag-in-Box filling machine Voran MBF1500

Manual Bag-in-Box filling system for hot filling of fruit and vegetable juice and cold-filling wine in 3, 5, 10 and 20 l standard bags or 1,5 - 5l pouch-bags. Productivity up to 1500 litres per hour.



1500 l/h

3l – up to 220 bags per hour

5l- up to 180 bags per hour

10l- up to 150 bags per hour


1 kW

Electrical connection

3 x 400 V (50Hz)

Compressed air requirement

6 bar


1.4301 / AISI 304


1000 mm


700 mm


1500 mm


80 kg

Suitable particularly for filling wine (cold filling) and fruit and vegetable juices (hot filling). The machine has stainless steel centrifugal pump with total drainage function and integrated CIP method with automatic cleaning of the vacuum pipes. Filling machine also has precise quantity measurement with litre counter. 

Filling process: 
  • Place the bag manually
  • Use the operating lever to remove the tap and bring the filler valve into position above the bag opening by pivoting the operating lever. 
  • After starting the filling procedure the bag is first evacuated and then filled at once.
  • After completing the filling procedure the bung with the tap are closed again.
  • Remove the bag and allow it to slide into the box. 
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Manual Bag-in-Box filling machine Voran MBF1500