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Filling machine for Bag-in-Box and bottles MBF750/R6

Semi-automatic Bag-in-Box filling system with feed line vessel for hot filling of fruit and vegetable juice in 3, 5, 10 and 20 litre standard Bag-in-Box bags or 0.25 - 2 litre bottles.



750 l/h (10l bags)


1.4301 / AISI 304

Electrical connection

230V / 16A

Compressed air requirement

6 bar

Juice reservoir volume

58 l


810 mm


900 mm


1070 mm


100 kg

The  MBF750 filling system offers a solution for the semi-automatic filling of bags in 3, 5, 10 and 20 litre sizes and bottles of 0.25 to 2 litres. Bag-in-Box filling systems are equipped with two litre counting displays. These counters can be reset manually, independently of each other. This allows each of the filling processes to be counted even when different bag-in-box sizes are used. The juice is transported by the pump of an upstream pasteuriser into the filler’s juice storage tank. After a bag is inserted into the locking mechanism and the tap removed manually, the filling station is then positioned over the bag opening. The pre-set volume is gravity filled into the bag. The filling valve is controlled by the calibrate-able scale and closes when the filling volume is reached. This system achieves extremely accurate filling levels. All of the filling systems are equipped with an analogue thermometer for a quick visual temperature check.

The other side of the machine is for filling bottles. The use of wide-neck adapters (optional) with diameters of 22 to 95 millimetres make it possible to fill bottles and jars with different neck diameters. The standard filler can be used for inside bottleneck diameters of 10 to 28 millimetres. The filler can be supplied with the option to control an upstream pasteuriser and it is possible to retrofit existing fillers with this option.

NB! The MBF750 / R6 filling machine is not intended for filling of bags and bottles simultaneously.

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The video below shows the MBF750 / R6 filler working with PA750 pasteurizer:
Filling machine for Bag-in-Box and bottles MBF750/R6