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Counter pressure filler for glass bottles Rizzolio

Semi automatic counter pressure filler for filling carbonated drinks like soft drinks, beer and sparkling wine into glass bottles. Maximum pressure 5 bars. Available models with 2, 4 or 6 valves. 


The counter pressure filling system has 2 to 6 valves, depending on the model. The filling system is accommodated on 4 wheels that have brakes for stability. Maximum diameter of the bottle is 120 mm and the height 350 mm. The height of the worktable is approximately 1 meter.





Number of valves





Up to 200 bottles/h

Up to 400 bottles/h

Up to 600 bottles/h

On the picture below it is shown a control panel of the filling system:

The cycle must be performed in this order:

  1. Place the bottles on the plates (2-6 bottles depending on the model) 
  2. Lift the lever 1 (bottles rise and the protection panel is closed*)
  3. Lift the lever 2 to make pre evacuation*, bring the lever down after a few seconds 
  4. Lift the lever 3 to make a clean CO2 or N injection*, bring the lever down after a few seconds 
  5. Lift the lever 4 to start the filling cycle and bring the lever down after all the bottles are full 
  6. Wait a few seconds for the phase of degassing, this happens when the lever 4 is lowered 
  7. Lower the lever 1 (bottles come back and the protection panel opens*)
Activities marked with * are optional and can be added to the filling system with accessories.

Counter pressure filler for glass bottles Rizzolio