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Counter pressure filler with bottle rinser and capper Rizzolio

Triblock system that includes semi automatic counter pressure filler, bottle rinser and  bottle capper. Filler is suitable for filling carbonated and not carbonated drinks like soft drinks, beer, cider and sparkling wine into glass bottles. Available models with 2, 4 or 6 places for bottles.



Rinser+RLV2-iSo+RLC1 capper

Rinser+RLV4-iSo+RLC1 capper

Rinser+RLV6-iSo+RLC1 capper

Number of filler valves





Up to 200 bottles/h

Up to 400 bottles/h

Up to 600 bottles/h

The standard model of triblock system is designed to rinse bottles, fill carbonated or non-carbonated drinks into glass bottles and cap them with crown caps. The 3-in-1 system is on single base that is on wheels or levering feet. The height of the working table is approximately 750 mm. The capping system is designed to close one bottle at a time with the diameter of 26 or 29 mm crown caps. Depending on the model the production speed is from 200 up to 500-600 bottles per hour depending on the speed and expertise of the operator. 

It is possible to add accessories for the triblock and change its features- for example it is possible to order triblock without bottle rinser or add another capping head. 

Counter pressure filler with bottle rinser and capper Rizzolio