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Plastic Storage Barrel for Fruit Mash Speidel

Speidel's plastic storage tank for shredded fruit mash. Tank is equipped with airtight sealable lid which helps to keep the mash fresh for longer. Available in two sizes- 600 or 1000 litres. 


Product Code     




600 l

1000 l


112 cm

133 cm


119 cm

132 cm


50 kg

80 kg

Speidel’s mash barrel reinterprets the well-tried dipping edge technique. The edge of the PE lid is completely located in the dipping edge, thus guaranteeing for the airtight sealing of the mash.

The recessed outlet allows for the barrel to be entirely emptied without tilting. Working with the barrel is facilitated through easy transport and easy cleaning of the smooth inner surfaces.

The high quality PE material is natural-coloured and has no pigments. It is food safe and UV resistant. The barrel’s thick walls make it very robust and stable. The barrels are suited for long-term-use temperatures up to 60 °C, in case of food up to 40 °C.

Plastic Storage Barrel for Fruit Mash Speidel