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Plastic Transportation Barrel Speidel

Plastic transportation tank for liquids. Available in two sizes- 400 and 600 litres.


Product Code   




400 l

600 l


106 cm

106 cm


85 cm

113 cm


35 kg

43 kg

Speidel’s transportation barrel is ideal for the transportation of liquids like must, wine, juice, water, cooking oil etc. The high quality PE material is natural-coloured and has no pigments. It is food safe and UV resistant. The barrel’s thick walls make it very robust and stable. Barrels are suited for long-term-use temperatures up to 60 °C, in case of food up to 40 °C.

The barrel can be entirely emptied without tilting. It has a screw cap with air valve and is easily cleanable thru big opening with diameter of 380 mm. 

Thanks to PE pedestal barrels are accessible from underneath by forklift or pallet truck for easy transportation. When empty, it is possible to storage barrels by stacking them on top of each other. 

Plastic Transportation Barrel Speidel