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Belt press Voran EBP650

Stainless steel belt press with pneumatic belt tensioner, presses up to 1500 kg of apple pulp per hour.


  • Productivity

    1500 kg/h

    Power of the press

    0,55 kW

    Power of the cleaning system

    0,12 kW

    Electrical connection

    3x400V / 16A

    Cycle time

    1,8-3,8 min

    Speed of the belt

    0,9-1,8 m/min


    1.4301 / AISI 304

    Belt width

    650 mm

    Strip length

    8120 mm

    Water consumption for belt cleaning

    3 l/min

    Height of the mash intake

    1460 mm


    1460 mm


    2538 mm


    1463 mm


    1060 kg

  • This belt press is operated completely automatically and continuously, with only very little supervision required. Optimum juice quality and a yield of up to 75% are guaranteed thanks to the variable speed and pressure control of the belt press, which can be used for a wide range of fruit (pomaceous fruit needs to be de-stoned before pressing), berries, vegetables and herbs and for dehydrating various produce.

    Special attention has been paid during design to ensure accessibility of all components and easy cleaning. The central cover is easy to open and all components such as metering box, mash feed, juice flow plate, juice basin etc. can be removed without any tools. As a result the equipment can be cleaned effectively during and after processing.

    All parts that come into contact with the product are food contact compliant. All parts are made from stainless steel to fully meet the strictest hygiene requirements for food and drink processing. This machine is characterised by its low operating and maintenance costs. One reason for this is the use of press rollers that are mounted on fixed shafts without being subject to alternating bending stress. Using an endless screen belt guarantees improved retention of the mash as well as extending service life.

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    Belt press Voran EBP650