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Belt press Voran EBP500

Stainless steel belt press with pneumatic belt tensioner, presses up to 700 kg of apple pulp per hour.



700 kg/h

Power of the press

0,55 kW

Power of the cleaning system

 0,12 kW

Electrical connection

3 x 400V /16A

Cycle time

1,8-3,8 min

Speed of the belt

1,4-3,6 m/min


1.4301 / AISI 304

Belt width

500 mm

Strip length

6530 mm

Water consumption for belt cleaning

3 l/min

Height of the mash intake

1300 mm

Height of the juice outlet

480 mm


1950 mm


1161 mm


1300 mm


520 kg

Voran EBP500 belt press is operated fully automatic and continuous, requiring only very limited monitoring effort. The stepless regulation of the pressing speed and force guarantees optimal juice quality and a high yield of up to 75%. The belt press can be used universally for various types of fruit (stone fruits must be pitted before they are pressed), berries, vegetables, and for the dehydration of various materials.

Special attention was paid to the easy accessibility of all system parts and their easy cleaning. The skimming frame can be removed without the aid of tools. This allows interim and final cleaning to be carried out easily and efficiently.  All of the system parts coming into contact with products are suitable for use with foods. Since the complete structure is made from stainless steel, it meets the strict criteria and highest hygienic requirements for food processing.

The machine is fully assembled and ready to plug in. It can be set up flush to the floor without a foundation.

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Belt press Voran EBP500