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Hydraulic presses Lancman VS-A

Lancman's VS-A series presses are suitable for smaller producers Baskets, lids and trays are made of stainless steel. Available models with basket sizes from 35 litres up to 120 litres.




Capacity of the basket (l)

Dimensions (mm)

Weight (kg)

Max. pressure (bar)

Price (EUR)

VS-A 35

 35 l

 550 x 550 x 960




VS-A 55

55 l

600 x 600 x 960




VS-A 80

80 l

600 x 600 x 1180




VS-A 120

120 l

680 x 680 x 1200




The VS-A range of hydropresses are ideal for smaller producers or for test batch production and offer a very cost effective way of producing a high quality juice. Presses have stainless steel baskets, lids and trays. The frames of the presses have 2 wheels for easy transport. Presses have 3 bar pressure regulators that let out all excess pressure. 

Using the VS-A presses could not be easier. Milled fruit is placed into a straining sack that is located between central rubber membrane and the outer stainless steel wall of the press. The bladder is then inflated with water (operating pressure is 3 bar) and the juice is squeezed out of the milled fruit pulp. The juice will run freely down the outside wall of the press into a collection tray at the bottom. The juice can then be pumped into a storage tank. Typical pressing takes time about 30 minutes.
Hydraulic presses Lancman VS-A