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Packing presses with sliding trays, Voran

Voran's hydraulic packing presses with sliding trays with productivity from 150 up to 600 kg per hour:

  • 50P1 (with one tray)
  • 100P1 (with one tray)
  • 100P2 (with two trays)







150 kg/h

300 kg/h

600 kg/h


1,1 kW

1,5 kW

1,5 kW


380 bar

380 bar

380 bar

Number of trays




Number of racks

8 pcs

10 pcs

20 pcs

Size of the  racks

410 x 410 mm

500 x 500 mm

500 x 500 mm

Number of cloths

7 pcs

9 pcs

18 pcs

Size of the cloths

700 x 700 mm

800 x 800 mm

800 x 800 mm


1070 mm

1260 mm

1950 mm


1010 mm

1240 mm

1240 mm


1430 mm

1510 mm

1510 mm


160 kg

380 kg

380 kg

Packing presses have sliding trays that allow easy loading and emptying of the trays. Shredded apple pulp is wrapped in filter cloths, sandwiched between acacia wood racks and stacked to form a ‘cheese’, which is pressed by hydraulic ram. When the tray is loaded it is pushed under the press. After pressing process the press is released and the tray slid out underneath the press. 

Model 100P2 has two trays and also 2 complete sets of racks and cloths that allow to load one tray while another one is being pressed two sets of racks and cloths. Models 50P1 and 100P1 have one tray and one set of racks and cloths. 

All parts coming into contact with fruit are produced from stainless steel, wood or plastic. Racks of the press are made of extremely strong and moisture resistant acacia wood. Filter bags for fruit pulp are made of strong polyester fabric. Presses are easy to operate, simple to clean and low-maintenance.

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In the video below you can see packing press model 100P2 working with the mill AMH*. 
*The AMH mill is only available in Austria due to its specific construction. Unfortunately it is not available for other markets.
Packing presses with sliding trays, Voran