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Stainless steel transportation tank, Speidel LD-T

Stainless steel horizontal transportation and storage tank from Speidel, LD-T series. Tank has lockable lid with vent neck. Capacity of 1050-litres.


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1050 l

1000 mm

1466 mm

If you prefer to transport horizontally, no problem! The transportation tank LD-T offers all the advantages of its upright companion. It has a safely lockable lid with vent neck and a discharge outlet that allows for the tank’s complete draining.

The tank is lying on a stable PE-base made by Speidel and is accessible from 4 sides by forklift. The plastic base not only makes the LD-T absolutely stable. It also helps to protect the tank from jostles and bumps. This way you will be able to enjoy your tank for many years to come.

Tank has filler neck NW 400 that is arranged in the center fo the tank top, a flap lid with vent neck NW 50 Rd 78 x 1/6" with sealing cap and a discharge outlet NW 50 DIN 11851. Horizontal tank has stable PE-transportation and storage base that is accessible on 4 sides by forklift / pallet truck. 

High quality stainless steel containers from the leading German manufacturer Speidel are suitable for storing juice or for the fermenting and preserving of wine, cider or beer. Only the first-class stainless steel, which is thicker and more durable than regular, has been used to manufacture these containers. The tanks are smooth from inside and have Speidel's legendary concealed welds, which ease the cleaning of the tanks and prevent the accumulation of dirt. The containers can be fully filled and emptied, which prevents any residue remaining in the container that can endanger its contents. Speidel's tanks are long-term companions and help you to save time and money.

Stainless steel transportation tank, Speidel LD-T