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Stainless steel tank with open top, Speidel FO2

Open top stainless steel tanks Speidel FO1 series,   variable capacity from 300 up to 910   litres.


Product code





300 l

630 mm

1384 mm


530 l

820 mm

1361 mm


675 l

820 mm

1620 mm


910 l

820 mm

2109 mm

Speidel’s variable capacity tanks always adapt to the amount of liquid they contain. The floating lid ensures that no air comes in. This way oxidation stands no chance. Our popular variable capacity tanks have been established and proven in many ways. Like all Speidel tanks they are top-quality. They can be used as storage tanks or fermentation tanks.

Racking outlet:
  • Plain surface with drilled hole ø 48 mm (to hold flap valve Gr. 37 or weld-on thread NW 40, NW 50 DIN 11851)
  • In case of ø 630 mm reinforcement moulded out of the tank’s casing
  • In case of ø 820 mm with welded-on reinforcing plate
Bottom outlet:
  • Total outlet neck with external thread NW 40 DIN 11851
Stainless steel tank with open top, Speidel FO2