3-litre Pouch-up® juice storage pouch, 260 pcs

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Pouch-Up®  self-standing pouch made of high-performing oxygen barrier films to preserve the liquid inside, ensuring the contents stay uncontaminated by the air outside.

  • Pouch-up® volume 3l
  • Suitable for hot filling at 85 °C
  • Very tough structure with excellent mechanical resistance

  • Original Vitop®  tap which never leaks
  • Excellent oxygen barrier properties
  • Preserves product before and after opening for a long time
  • Comfortable handle, easy to carry home
  • Dedicated space for a customized label
  • No need for an outside box
  • Can be stored in high humidity and will not deform
  • Excellent for long transport 
  • Declaration of Conformity, Food Contact & other certifications 
  • minimal order quantity 10 pcs
  • 260 pcs in a package, 14 packages on a pallet or total 3640 pcs
  • Produced in France
technical information:

Vitop® data sheet

product data sheet
declaration of conformity
guidelines for using

The self standing pouch does not require an additional carton box. The bag is designed in such format that it allows the bag to stand upright. At the top of the bag, there is a handle for better transport. The tap is located at the bottom of the bag. When consuming the juice from the bag, it squeezes the bag together by vacuum after each pouring  and does not let the juice to come in contact with air. Juice remains fresh in an open bag for about 2 to 3 months, that is significantly longer than in regular class jars. 

The juice bags should be filled with a juice that is heated to about 78-80°C degrees. Boiling the apple juice is unnecessary, since already at about 78°C all yeast and fermentation cells in juice are destroyed. To fill the bag, remove the tap that can be easily pulled out of the bag. The filling of the bag is carried out through a 30mm diameter hole in the bottom part of the bag (where the tap was previously pulled out). Filling process is easier when using the bag holder and funnel. After filling, let out all excess air that is still in the bag and insert the tap back to its place. Now the juice can be stored for at least a year at room temperature.

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