3-litre Pouch-up® juice storage pouch white, 260 pcs

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Pouch-Up®  self-standing pouch made of high-performing oxygen barrier films to preserve the liquid inside, ensuring the contents stay uncontaminated by the air outside.

  • Pouch-up® volume 3l
  • Suitable for hot filling at 85 °C
  • Very tough structure with excellent mechanical resistance
  • Original Vitop®  tap which never leaks
  • Excellent oxygen barrier properties
  • Preserves product before and after opening for a long time
  • Comfortable handle, easy to carry home
  • Dedicated space for a customized label
  • No need for an outside box
  • Can be stored in high humidity and will not deform
  • Excellent for long transport
  • Declaration of Conformity, Food Contact & other certifications
  • minimal order quantity 10 pcs
  • 260 pcs in a package, 14 packages on a pallet or total 3640 pcs
  • Produced in France

  • technical information:

    Vitop® data sheet
    product data sheet
    declaration of conformity
    guidelines for using

    Liquid is dispensed through a high performance Vitop® compact tap, which prevents air entering the packaging during dispensing. The pouch and tap work together to prolong the shelf life before and after the pack is opened.

    Pouch-Up® is unbreakable, yet extremely lightweight and has a very low carbon footprint in comparison to glass and PET Bottle packaging.


  • Long shelf life: preservation of product freshness and quality for several weeks after opening
  • Consumer friendly: easy to carry, use and store
  • Logistic optimization: savings in transportation and storage as an empty Pouch-Up® is delivered flat, saving 5x more space than bottles.
  • Environmental benefits: waste reduction, lightweight and low carbon footprint
  • Attractive design: modern and customizable
  • Low carbon footprint: 80% less than a 75cl glass bottle

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