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Belt press Voran EBP350

Stainless steel belt press with pneumatic belt tensioner, presses up to 300 kg of apple pulp per hour.


  • Productivity

    300 kg/h

    Power of the press

    0,37 kW

    Power of the cleaning system

    0,12 kW

    Electrical connection

    400V /16A

    Speed of the belt

    2 m/min


    1.4301 / AISI 304

    Conveyor width

    240 mm

    Belt width

    350 mm

    Strip length

    4900 mm

    Height of the juice outlet

    420 mm

    Connection for juice outlet



    1280 mm


    870 mm


    1350 mm


    350 kg

    Voran belt press has continuous, automatic operation that operates the washer, elevator and milling system. Pulp is fed continuously onto a belt and pressed against a series of steel rollers, which extracts the juice. Minimal labour and supervision is required to operate the press which is reducing production costs. It is possible to reach high juice yields - up to 70% with Voran EBP350 belt press. The press has short pressing time and minimal air contact to reduce oxidation of juice. EBP350 has flexibility to press small batches of fruit – useful if pressing single varieties or contract pressing for smaller customers. Presses have full stainless steel construction which is easy to clean. Automatic belt cleaner by pressure washer optimises the yield and efficiency. Presses have pneumatic belt tensioners and also level controls are available to automatically regulate pumping of juice to holding tanks

  • Compatible with washing-elevator system Voran SA200 with centrifugal mill RM2.2

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  • In the video below Voran belt press EBP350 with washing-elevator system Voran SA200 and mill RM2.2.
  • Belt press Voran EBP350