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Mobile system on trailer with belt press EBP500, Voran

Mobile system with belt press EBP 500. Includes all necessary equipment for juice production. It is possible to choose machines on your own. 


Trailer type

Aluminium frame car trailer

Trailer panel material

2 mm aluminium plate

Length of trailer

6000 mm

Width of trailer

2000 mm

Height of trailer

2900 mm

Height of the trailer floor

600 mm

Trailer weight

about 900 kg

Weight with equipment

2900 kg

The Voran mobile line on the car trailer allows you to transport the whole juice production line where needed and place it wherever it is impossible to set up a stationary line, you can set it up even in the apple garden. The mobile line allows the whole production to be set up quickly, as the necessary connections between the devices are already done.  The same way it is possible to quickly pack up the entire line and transport it to another location.

The mobile line is mounted on a car trailer and consists of high-quality Voran's equipment that is used stationery, which can be assembled according to your needs. When choosing equipment it is important to take into account the productivity of the equipment and its compatibility with other devices, so that there will be no 'bottlenecks' in the production system.

The mobile press has virtually unrestricted mobility: the press comes to the fruit, and not the other way round. Results in more than 25 percent saving on material flow/transport capacity and all related process steps and costs. Greatly improves energy, CO2 and ecological balance as a consequence

For example, it is possible to assemble a line on a trailer consisting of the following devices:
The plans in the gallery show examples of how the equipment can be placed in the trailer for creating production line.

Download product brochure:

Mobile system on trailer with belt press EBP500, Voran